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You both look into each other's eyes and smile. The flowers you gave her are laid delicately on the table. The night was magical, and nothing could ever be like this again. "I love you,” she whispers, and you nod in reply, because deep inside, you know where it's all going.

NYC based the inevitable breakups are a power pop band that deliver hooks-a-plenty atop heady boy/girl songwriting and rock n’ roll arrangements. When the founding of the band by brothers Daniel Stampfel and Hans Stampfel coincided with a recent disengagement (and inevitable breakup), the band took the namesake. Break-up songs?? Well it’s not just that, but after all, you write what you know.

The band is currently on hiatus awaiting the return of their original bassist who is on assignment in Japan. In the meantime, enjoy some of our recorded audio and video materials.


Songwriter Daniel Stampfel spent many years in the Dallas rock scene with his band The Skastafarians, who among other accolades appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 1995.

Daniel moved to NYC, teamed up with his brother Hans Stampfel, and the two were asked to perform at the launch party for The Ramones’ website (www.officialramones.com) at CBGB’s.  Billed as The Brats (with friend and bassist Otto Hoering of Hellshot), the night was amazing and planted the seed for what would become the inevitable breakups.

Soon after, the brothers recruited veteran Jersey drummer M. Daniel Peña and the inevitable breakups were complete; Daniel on guitar, Hans on bass and Drummer Dan on…well drums.

Over the course of 7 years, NYC based the inevitable breakups performed over 100 shows in NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles at clubs including the Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge, Luna Lounge, Arlene Grocery, Don Hill’s, Piano’s, CBGB’s, Brownies, The Delancey, Sin-e, Snitch Bar, Rothko, Galapagos, Trash Bar, Trash Bar, etc.  They played the CMJ Festival, NEMO Festival, International Pop Overthrow Festival and the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.  

NYC rock legend Richard Lloyd (Television, Matthew Sweet) produced tracks on the breakup’s 2002 debut release.

the inevitable breakups recorded material is as follows.

“No Wonder You’re So Beautiful”

  • 6 song EP
  • Produced by Richard Lloyd and the inevitable breakups with Julio Peña
  • Engineered and Mixed by Sal Mormando
  • Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC
  • Recorded at IIWII Studios, Dubway Studios and Jolly Roger Studios


  • 7-inch vinyl.  A-Side is “Stephanie”; B-Side is an acoustic version of “All I Want”. 
  • Recorded by Julio Peña
  • Mixed by Sal Mormando
  • Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge. 
  • Recorded at Stratosphere Sound (the world renowned studio owned by pop great Adam Schleisinger, James Iha and Andy Chase) and Motherwest Studios.
  • Mixed at IIWII Studios.

“Ready For Your Next Trick”

  • 11 song LP
  • Produced, recorded and mixed by Arun Venkatesh
  • Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge
  • Recorded and mixed at Big Blue Meenie Studios

 “Serious Business Sessions”

  • 3 song EP
  • Recorded by Travis Harrison at Serious Business Studios. 
  • Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge


NEW YORK PRESS “With a sound and infectious vocal harmonies reminiscent of The Raspberries, Weezer, The Cars, and Cheap Trick, they manage to combine those artists’ musical qualities to full effect with some kick-ass results.”

THE BIG TAKEOVER “The golden age of N.Y.C new wave is present on No Wonder You’re So Beautiful…the EP boasts a winning combination of crunchy guitars, sing-along melodies & harmonies and a youthful verve…”

CMJ “Rousing power pop with clean riffs, catchy choruses and ace harmonies; devotees of Teenage Fanclub and Sloan fans, take note.”

NEW YORK POST “Indie Music Pick - the inevitable breakups perform catchy, harmony-filled indie pop.”

NEON MAGAZINE (NEONnyc.COM) “Daniel Stampfel is an impressive frontman and the center of attention…The music is up-tempo, powerful and despite the lyrical content, very pop oriented with strong melodies and hooks aplenty.  And for boy/girl stuff, this is pretty heady… “No Wonder You’re So Beautiful” is a little jewel of a recording.” – Fall 2003

No Wonder You're So Beautiful showcased the inevitable breakups ability to deliver catchy power-pop compositions with apparent ease.  And while that EP was indeed impressive, this latest release captures the raw energy that is so much at the heart of the groups' live shows” – February 2004

INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW“Buzzy names like Weezer and The Strokes seem to be bandied about when discussion of these guys comes up.  Their CD, No Wonder You’re So Beautiful, is melodic modern rock at its finest.”

TIMEOUT NEW YORK “Power poppers the inevitable breakups have a new release “Stephanie”, that actually has the sound etched into a seven-inch slab.  We didn’t know they still did that, but we’re glad for it” – February 2004

“the inevitable breakups play punchy power pop.” – Spring 2003

NY ROCK ONLINE “I think the band, which plays an enthusiastic power pop, should start finding popularity soon.  I say that because the songs are fun, have enough hooks in them to stick in your head, and the guys seem to be headed in the right direction.”

MOUTHY MAGAZINE “….it’s like punk met classic rock and no one got hurt…The CD kicks off with a stomping rocker, Justine, the kind of song that sounds like buttercream cranked up in your car blasting down the highway.”

LOLLIPOP MAGAZINE – “This album is simple, like only the best '80s rock and roll should be. In fact, the glossy guitars and rhythmic hand- clapping on The Inevitable Breakups' debut EP No Wonder You're So Beautiful brings to mind such memorable hits as "867-5309 Jenny" and "Is She Really Going Out With Him," plus, of course, most of the songs that The Cars ever wrote.

THE DAILY FREE PRESS“the inevitable breakups turn heartfelt lyrics into upbeat indie pop…The most memorable song “Inside Your Thoughts”, has a melodic chorus and potential to become a mainstream hit.”

ROB SACHER, LUNA LOUNGE “the inevitable breakups are consistently a top-notch band at Luna Lounge.  I try to catch their shows."

TISWASNYC.COM “the inevitable breakups have built a healthy following and released a quality EP. One of NYC’s up and coming bands… We like them and so should you.”

RACHEL FEDERMAN, AUTHOR/MUSICIAN“I haven't sat on my bed listening to a CD and not doing anything else for years, at least 2 years.  Reminded me of high school...its amazing!”

SPENDIDEZINE.COM “the inevitable breakups play a brand of music that has always been impossible for me not to like. Given their name, you can guess at the lyrical content of their songs, which they flew through on the wings of snappy drums and bass and the one-four-five bar chord progression that never seems to run out of steam. The standout track was, without doubt, "Justine (My Little Rock and Roll Machine)". The song sounded exactly like you would imagine, and it rocked politely but effectively.”

THEMODERNAGE.ORG “Catchy power pop. Musically OK. Like we said, POWER POP. If you like that stuff, good for you, you’ll probably like them. We didn’t mind them. Scores better than a lot of the crap bands we’ve seen at Tiswas.”